We offer a wide range of services in an effort to make wellness most convenient for you:

  • Clinical Fitness Assessments + Corrective Exercises (Cornerstone Assessments)
  • Personalized Exercise Programming (Summit Plans)
  • Personal Training
  • Nutritional and Stress Management Education/Advice
  • Workshops and Seminars (on or off-site: please contact Cameron Lephew, DPT for more information)
  • Injury Prevention - Occupational and Sport Screenings (Click to learn more)
  • Video Analysis (Running, Lifting Technique, etc.)

Cornerstone assessments

Clinical Wellness Assessments with Corrective Exercises to Address Your Fitness Needs

Three Tiers of Assessment:

1. Vitals - Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, Spirometry, Oxygen Saturation, and more!

2. Body Composition - Body Fat Percentage, BMI, Waist-to-Hip Ratio, and more!

3. Movement Analysis and Assessment - An individualized system, not a protocol, where you are screened using evidence-based and research-supported tests and measures to identify movement deficits and risks. Tests range from athletic movement and performance screens to fall-risk measures.  What you what you get!

4. Corrective Exercise - Designed and provided based on how you move and the findings of your screen! Never protocol-based or one-size-fits all. We believe addressing your unique movement with a unique approach fosters the best results...getting you to your fitness goals!

Summit Plans

Summit Plans - Prescribed by a physical therapist, Summit Plans are exercise programs that guide you on your way to reach the highest level of fitness, performance and capacity.  They are available at APEX for an additional programming fee.

Personal Training - We communicate the results of your movement assessment and refer to several personal trainers at gyms in the area/at locations convenient to you. Training is also available at APEX for an additional fee with a wide variability in number of sessions and session timing.  You will work with a physical therapist in either 30 minute or hour long sessions to safely address and improve your movement and fitness.