Patient care

Advanced Physical Therapy of Virginia provides a safe and comfortable environment for both patients and personnel in order to provide optimum assistance to physical therapists in meeting the diagnostic, preventative, and restorative health needs of the patients. The facility staff provides quality-conscious, cost-effective, and competent care with respect for life and dignity at each stage of the human experience.

Services provided at this facility include treating patients with orthopedic injuries, pain-management problems, podiatric problems, arthritis problems, hand injuries and problems, neurological deficits, back and neck injuries, work-related injuries, sports medicine related injuries, and acute and chronic pain disorders. Physical therapist assistants will also provide high quality treatments under the direction and supervision of the physical therapist. When further services are required to meet patient needs the owners will approve and develop these new programs. New programs will only be offered once the therapist directing the program has been properly educated in the new service.